We transform Technology into Productivity

The technological revolution of your fleet

Accelerate the processes for the digitization of your fleet, obtain safer, more productive and measurable operations for your company.

Métrica Móvil
Métrica Móvil
Métrica Móvil
Métrica Móvil
soluciones en telemetría para el monitoreo de flotas, soluciones en telemetría
soluciones en telemetría
Métrica Móvil

We are Métrica Móvil

Digital Evolution in Transport

The transportation industry is going through a true digital transformation where trucks are now equipped with technology that transmits data in real time from any location.

At Métrica Móvil, we have telemetry solutions, which, together with a 360 Team, develop a tailored suit for your company for the use of data in decision-making.

More than 100,000 Units of the largest companies in Mexico have our telemetry kit for processes for the digitization of your fleet.

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Our Model

Components of the transformation

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To talk about a true digital transformation, it is important to know the elements that make it up.


We define together with the client what operational data it needs


We equip your units with the necessary technology


We securely collect all your information


We integrate it into the technological ecosystem of each company


We carry out advisory and support activities

To the company’s technological ecosystem


The information of your fleet,as you need it

Today, large companies have specialized control towers that consume data in real time on fleet monitoring to guarantee their operation at its best indicators.

At Métrica Móvil we are experts in integrating the necessary information into your systems. Everything you need to know, Métrica Móvil is able to inform.


Impulsando tu negocio para aumentar la productividad y controla los costos de tu flota.


Boosting your business to increase productivity and control the costs of your fleet.


Get the most out of your fleet, with information in real time, to optimize all its aspects.


Improve security for the well-being of your fleet and those around it.


Improve your customers' experience by automating your processes and using data intelligence to improve decision making.


Analyze and visualize the environmental impact of your fleet and take the necessary measures to reduce it.


Supervise the operation with integration of cameras and advanced driver assistance and thus reinforce compliance with the country's regulations.

Our Solutions

Multiple specialized solutions

Métrica Móvil processes for the digitization of your fleet


Diversity ofMarkets

Once the telematics is installed in the units, each industry can customize both the truck equipment and the data to be integrated into its platform. Learn for which industries we offer telemetry solutions.

Some of our customers
Integrating the necessary information telemetry to your systems.


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