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Four Main Areas

With 100% trained personnel to provide a personalized experience to our clients in fleet monitoring. We want our associates to have a limitless mindset that believes in winning as a team, doing the right thing to get great results, and being better, faster, and stronger each year.

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Data Intelligence

The technological heart of Métrica Móvil is in the development and integration of solutions.

Thanks to our data intelligence team, we supply and generate value-added IoT solutions and adapt them to the needs of clients with a hardware and software integration approach with visibility in MyGeotab.

Solutions Factory


Performance Innovators in Technical Service (PITS)

PITS is made up of a specialized team whose purpose is to provide personalized attention to corporate accounts that have operations distributed nationwide through our telemetry devices.

Main activities

Complementary Objectives

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On-Site Services

Without the right support, the best technology is not enough and the company does not survive. Quality control and validations make it possible to take advantage of the technological tools of the vehicle telemetry system.

Team whose objective is to be the pillar of Métrica Móvil in the execution and installation of the solutions offered to our clients at a national level, complying with high quality standards, guaranteeing a timely service that ensures the operation of their units.

Site Services Activities:


Total Experience

Our priority is to look beyond the obvious to find the best solutions, and to contribute so that our products, processes and services are increasingly practical and easy to use.

Technical customer service team and to promote Métrica Móvil services. Our goal is for our customers to come to value us and become promoters of our brand and our culture. In Métrica Móvil we get a personalized experience to clients

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Autonomous help

We have a Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) with various resources:

Personalized Support

Our help desk services are available to users through various means of contact:

Users have at their disposal a chat-bot that allows them to receive dynamic advice on common doubts and concerns