Advanced Solar Tracking for Trailers with Solar FLEX Device

Maximum efficiency and autonomy for managing your mobile assets.

Solar (Flex)




Extended Autonomy

Long-life battery and solar charging for continuous tracking without reliance on external power sources.


Constant Connectivity

Data transmission over 4G networks with GSM backup for global coverage and uninterrupted communication.


Extreme Durability

IP67 rating ensures resistance to adverse environmental conditions, from dust to temporary immersion in water.


Access Monitoring

Instant alerts and logging of door openings and closings for improved control and security.


Compact and Robust Design

Optimized form factor to withstand daily rugged use and maintain functionality at all times.


Flexible Reporting Frequency

Adaptable reporting configuration based on movement status, ensuring battery efficiency.

The Solar FLEX Device is the Revolution in Trailer Tracking

The Solar FLEX Device combines durability and technological innovation to deliver a superior tracking solution for trailers and non-motorized assets.

With the FLEX TT600, you’ll enjoy a robust IP67 construction and a highly efficient solar cell that keeps the battery charged for up to 4 months, ensuring continuous and accurate tracking.

The FLEX TT603 extends these capabilities with temperature monitoring and door opening detection, providing a comprehensive view of the status of your assets and the cargo they carry.

Both models guarantee 4G/LTE connectivity, providing critical data for the efficient management of each unit in your fleet, even under the most demanding conditions.

Discover how the Solar FLEX Device can transform the management of your trailers and assets.

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