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The GO Device

The most innovative and advanced technology in vehicle tracking and management, designed to empower your fleet and put total control within your reach.


Key Features of the GO


Precise Vehicle Tracking

Locate and monitor the real-time position, speed, and route of each vehicle.


Secure Data

Authentication, encryption, and OTA updates to ensure the security of your data.


In-Vehicle Training

Audible alerts and voice messages to promote safe driving habits.


Collision Detection

Advanced algorithms and accelerometer to reconstruct and analyze collisions.


Simple Installation

Easily connect to the OBD II port without special tools.


Vehicle Health Assessments

Vital data such as VIN, odometers, and engine faults for maintenance and analysis.

The Evolution in Fleet Management

The GO device from Geotab redefines fleet management. Built from the ground up, it combines a powerful processor, more memory, and an integrated gyroscope to deliver accurate, real-time data.

Its compatibility with a wide range of vehicles makes it an essential solution for modern companies looking to optimize resources and ensure safety.

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