Safety and Efficiency with the IOX-NFCREADERA

Complete control and advanced security for intelligent driver management.

Driver ID/Ignition Inhibit



Accurate Identification

Effectively assign and verify drivers using NFC technology.


Enhanced Security

Ensures vehicle operation by authorized drivers only.


Integration with Keyless

Enables locking and unlocking of vehicles for authorized users.

Easy Installation

Simple Installation

Easy installation of the IOX module in the Geotab GO device.


Complete Records

Register and manage NFC key data directly in MyGeotab.


Drive Line Switching

Kit that allows control of the starter for extra security.

NFC Technology in Fleet Management

The IOX-NFCREADERA from Geotab revolutionizes driver identification, offering a system that combines cabin security and efficient management.

This solution is ideal for operations requiring a high level of security, such as mining and maritime, as well as for urban fleet management where accurate driver identification is crucial for safety and regulatory compliance.

Secure your fleet with the best NFC technology. Discover the IOX-NFCREADERA.

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