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Digital Evolution in Transport

We know that the transportation industry is going through a true digital transformation where trucks are equipped with technology that transmit data in real time from any location.

At Metrica Movil, we have equipment solutions and technological platforms so that our clients reach the level of transformation their company needs.

digitalización de flotas


Metrica Movil is a leading company in Mexico in Telematics and Fleet Management, since it signed an agreement with Geotab Inc. a leader in Telematics Engineering and Technological Innovation, to be one of its representatives in Mexico.

The company was founded in Torreon, Coahuila in 2011 with only three employees. It currently has more than 200 collaborators with presence throughout the national territory. It has the support of the support network and infrastructure of Grupo Amher to attend in a timely manner to all customers within the Mexican Republic.


To be a technological ally that provides functional and mobile solutions based on data that increases the productivity and security of the company's operations beyond its facilities.


To be the leader in the Telematics industry in Mexico, offering state-of-the-art, interconnected technology that provides functional solutions to our clients.

Facility Logistics

Serviced More than 2,800 Distribution Centers


Installation technicians and auditors nationwide


Collaborators coordinating the facilities administratively

Métrica Móvil

For fleets above 500 units.

Métrica Móvil

For fleets of 5 to 500 units.

Soluciones en telemetría
soluciones en telemetría
Geotab Distribuidor


World leader in IoT and connected vehicles

Geotab has managed to establish itself as the world leader in Telematics, fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions, surpassing 2 million connected vehicles organically.

Geotab promotes safety by connecting vehicles to the internet and provide custom reports to help users manage their fleets in a better way. The platform Marketplace allows companies to automate and digitize their processes by integrating data to their vehicles.

The GO device acts as an IoT Hub for the vehicle, allowing connectivity of additional functionality through IOX plug-ins. Geotab processes billions of pieces of data every day to enhance big data and machine learning analytics. With the results, an improvement in productivity is possible in companies of any size.

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Connected Vehicles
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